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Tiësto serie In The Booth season 4 | Recap

Tiësto serie In The Booth season 4 | Recap


Tiësto serie

In The Booth

season 4

| Recap |


Episode 1

Lights, camera, action! Tiësto kicks off one of his
favorite music festivals—EDC Las Vegas


Episode 2

Tiësto celebrates the 20th anniversary of EDC by
throwing the biggest dance party ever


Episode 3

After dressing up as Marshmello for the EDC crowd, Tiësto
turned his attention to Wet Republic for Vegas' wildest pool party


Episode 4

Montreal's Beachclub venue gets the Tiësto treatment


Episode 5

EDC headliner, Tiësto hooks up with a surprise DJ that everybody
knows and gets the crowd so high; Mike Williams realizes that being
19 in a 21 and over world is lame; Don Diablo hits the road
to LA to film scenes for his next music video. Read Less


Episode 6

The DJ brings out his experimental side at
Electrobeach Festival in the south of France


Episode 7

Tiësto's "alter ego" comes out in Parookaville, a massive
festival in Germany that doubles as its own town


Episode 8

Tiësto proves that performing at three different
festivals in 24 hours is actually possible


Episode 9

Tiësto introduces protégé Mike Williams to the energetic fans of Bulgaria


Episode 10

As Tiësto wraps up his jet-setting summer, take a
look back at the season's most electrifying moments


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