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Tiësto interview for This Is Our House

Publié le 12 Décembre 2017 par Tiesto by Tiestolive in Tiësto interviews

Tiësto interview for This Is Our House

Tiësto interview for

This Is Our House

Not everyone was happy, particularly in Europe. Tiësto distanced himself from trance, developing a new style with elements of rock and indie music. He set his sights on America, where he began building up a whole new young audience at the time EDM made its big breakthrough.

His forthcoming marriage also made the news this week. Tiësto will wed the American model Annika, 27 years his junior.

“Love is a very unpredictable thing, and with us it’s an extreme case of course. People close to us had their doubts at first but now they can see how serious we are.”

the events are still big, but the radio stations are pretty much ignoring us


interview here


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