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@tiesto Magik Seven - Live in Los Angeles, available digitally !

Publié le 9 Juillet 2013 par Tiëstolive in Tiësto tracks - remix

Magik 7


Originally issued in April 2001, “Magik Seven: Live In Los Angeles”

marked the conclusion of DJ Tiësto's landmark mix compilation series.

The total of seven volumes turned out to be precursor for DJ Tiësto's

status of Number 1 DJ Of The World not much later. Fans all over the

world and those who were there that night have cherished the

CD ever since it saw the light of day twelve years ago. Black Hole Recordings

proudly announces the rerelease of “Magik Seven: Live In Los Angeles",

making it officially available digitally for the very first time.


black Hole Recording sort depuis le 08 juillet 2013, la suite de la serie "Magik"

en version numerique, disponible sur toutes les plate forme légal.

L'ancien label de Tiësto continue à sortir ses series sous forme mp3.

Le Magik Seven est disponible en écoute sur Spotify et en téléchargement sur

Itunes, Beatport et Amazon, sous forme de track et mix


iTunes Beatport Amazon Spotify


  1. The Auranaut – "People Want to Be Needed"
  2. Three Drives – "Sunset on Ibiza"
  3. Schiller – "Das Glockenspiel" [Humate remix]
  4. Ballroom – "Come Along!" [Chrome remix]
  5. Insigma – "Open Your Eyes" [Original Insigma mix]
  6. Jan Johnston – "Flesh" [DJ Tiësto mix]
  7. Riva – "Stringer"
  8. M.I.K.E. – "Sunrise at Palamos"
  9. Push – "Strange World" [2000 remake]
  10. Utah Saints – "Lost Vagueness" [Oliver Lieb's main mix]
  11. DJ Arabesque – "The Vision" [Bass Control]
  12. Tiësto – "Flight 643"
  13. The Green Martian – "Industry"
  14. Planisphere – "Moonshine"
  15. CJ Bolland – "The Prophet"

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