Tiësto album - A Town Called Paradise

Tiësto album - A Town Called Paradise

Tiësto album 2014

A Town Called Paradise



Tracklist album

+ 4 for edition deluxe

1. Tiësto - Red Lights listen here
2.  Tiësto
feat. Cruickshank - Footprints  listen here
3. Tiësto
feat. DBX - Light Years Away
listen here
4. Tiësto feat. Zac Barnett from American Authors -
A Town Called Paradise
listen here
5. Tiësto & Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma - Written In Reverse listen here
Tiësto feat. Andreas Moe - Echoes
listen here
7. Tiësto & Firebeatz feat. Ladyhawke - Last Train listen here
Tiësto feat. Matthew Koma - Wasted listen here
Tiësto feat. Icona Pop - Let’s Go listen here
Tiësto feat. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - The Feeling listen here
Tiësto feat. Christian Burns - Shimmer listen here
Tiësto & Kaaze - Rocky listen here
Tiësto & Sultan & Shepard feat. Quilla - Close to Me
listen here
14. Tiësto feat. Krewella - Set Yourself Free listen here



Deluxe Edition

Tiësto & MOTi feat. Denny White - Don’t Hide Your Life listen here
Tiësto & Fred Falke feat. Elan Lea - Calling On Angels listen here
Tiësto & Dzeko & Torre - Can’t Forget listen here
Tiësto feat. Kyler England - Take Me listen here


 Bonnus Track

Tiësto - Bullet in the gun listen here

Tiësto - Say Something listen here


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Tiësto album - A Town Called Paradise Tiësto album - A Town Called Paradise Tiësto album - A Town Called Paradise

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According to tjis , this album reflects both sides of his work : half of the album is made
to " please the fans " ( apparently , the younger fans , just 
remember what he said about
leaving the trance here) , half to himself ,  who is always trying to innovate . From what
we saw of the singles so far ,  we have 2 songs aimed at the masses . " Red Lights " is a
middle ground  between music and radio music festival, while Wasted pop is extremely probably
be a hit in the summer with the help of vocal and more relaxed melody. By the way the
developer of this track , Matthew Koma , mentioned in an interview that will not be present
only in Wasted - he actually participates in  the production of half of the album .
Can we expect more guitar riffs and indie influences in A Town Called Paradise .
"It will simply make you smile , dance ,  want to leave ... is everything an album should be
of Tiësto , and is an album I always wanted to do ."Other tracks confirmed in the new project
of Tiësto is " Footprints" , he has been playing for some time in his sets ,
and "Set Yourself Free " , in partnership with Krewella .


Selon Tiësto , cet album reflète les deux côtés de son travail : la moitié de l'album est fait pour
" plaire aux fans de " (apparemment , les fans les plus jeunes , rappelez-vous juste ce qu'il a dit de
quitter la transe ici ) , la moitié à lui-même, qui cherche toujours à innover . D'après ce que nous
avons vu des singles à ce jour, nous avons deux chansons destinées aux masses . " Red Lights " est
un juste milieu entre la musique et le festival de musique de la radio , tout en très bon pop est très
probablement un coup dans l'été avec l'aide de la mélodie vocale et plus détendu . Par la façon dont
le développeur de cette piste , Matthew Koma , mentionné dans une entrevue qui ne sera pas
présente seulement dans très bon - il participe effectivement à la production de la moitié de l'album .

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