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Superb story at Creamfields Uk 2021, Ashes of a Tiësto fan thrown with pyrotechnics during closing

Publié le 1 Septembre 2021 par ♫ TiestoLive - News Tiësto in Tiësto articles

Superb story at Creamfields Uk 2021,

Ashes of a Tiësto fan thrown with

pyrotechnics during closing


Ladies and gents sit down, grab a brew, buckle up and prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster of a story about how two lads last minute trip to Creamfields took an unexpected, incredible turn of events resulting in a once in a lifetime trip and an unforgettable tribute to someone who was taken from this earth far before his time… ..

It all started when me and my cousin Liam Millen purchased two last minute weekend camping tickets for creamfields.
In order to confirm the tickets were authentIc, he phoned the seller to speak to him. It was established that he was selling the tickets due to the untimely death of his son who could obviously no longer attend. It further turned out that this was due to him taking his own life despite being seemingly happy and problem free prior. This rocked us both to our cores so, with the blessing of his family, we decided it was only right to get a banner printed with his picture to take with us so his spirit would still make it. Peter Kennedy at Smartprint heard about our story and kindly offered his services for free in an amazingly selfless act of generosity, designing and printing off 2 huge banners to take with us, his kindness touched us both deeply.

Upon receiving the tickets we discovered a separate envelope containing a small portion of his ashes which his family sent us, along with a touching letter, to spread at creamfields so he would be in the place he loved.

After several days of banner photos and spreading his message, I decided to push the boat out and attempt to get in touch with the event organizers and management team to see if there was anything we could do to honor his memory. Be it due to my tenacious attitude, good fortune or some higher force, I was successful in getting through to the right people who amazingly agreed to take us up onto the main stage to take pictures with his banner. We were absolutely astounded when they further agreed to let us spread his ashes there as a fitting tribute to an avid festival and music fan.
We were then absolutely bowled over when they suggested, and then carried out something which completely blew both our minds and went far and beyond anything we could ever have dreamed.

The production team proceeded to load his ashes into one of the pyrotechnics scheduled to go off later that night.
World famous DJ Tiësto then proceeded to FIRE HIS ASHES OUT OF A CONFETTI CANNON during his closing headline act over a crowd of 70,000 fans in what can only be described as a once in a generation tribute to his biggest fan.
In then further transpired that, unknown to us, his family had already chosen and played Tiesto - Adagio for Strings as his funeral song !!!!!!

Words cannot express our gratitude to his family for allowing us, to everyone who listened to his story and took pictures with the banner, and most importantly to the Creamfields production team for going above and beyond to accommodate us and go out of their way to allow us to honor his memory in such a fitting way.

Stuart Mitchell we are humbled to have been allowed to help you complete your journey with us. You will forever be a part of one of your favorite places. A piece of you always be with Creamfields

Please spread this message far and wide to raise awareness, nobody should ever be driven to taking their own life.

📸 @ Deadscou5
📸 @Scouse_Vibe_Tribe

Thank you 🙏

**** EDIT ****

There was a mix-up with his names spelling on the banner. His same is spelt STUART Mitchell
My messenger and notifications have completely bricked. Sorry for anyone trying to get in touch. Please use RPCMillen@gmail.com, for close friends, family, important inquiries and anyone we may have spoken to or bumped into on our travels.

**** EDIT ****



Thank you



source: https://www.facebook.com/DangerScouse87

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