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tiesto university college invasion tour 2011



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15 september 2011

Tiësto at Madison

Photos fans Tiësto here


mini Vidéo Officiel Tiësto



16 september 2011

Tiësto at Ypsilanti

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17 september 2011

Tiësto at London

tracklist here

interview Tiësto here

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18 september 2011

Tiësto at Syracuse

interview Tiësto and Porter Robinson

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19 september 2011

Tiësto at amherst

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20 september 2011

Tiësto at Kingston

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21 september 2011

Tiësto at Norfolk

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   22 september 2011

Tiësto at Winston Salem

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23 september 2011

Tiësto at Mt Pleasant

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24 september 2011

Tiësto at Thallahassee

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25 september 2011

Tiësto at Athens

interview Tiësto Clic here

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26 september 2011

Tiësto at Gainesville

interview here

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28 september 2011

Tiësto at Baton Rouge 

canceled / annulé

interview clic here




29 september 2011

Tiësto at  Cedar Park

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02 octobre 2011

Tiësto at San Diego

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03 octobre 2011

Tiësto at Fresno

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04 octobre 2011

Tiësto at Davis

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05 octobre 2011

Tiësto at Avila Beach

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06 octobre 2011

Tiësto at Santa Barbara

interview here

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08 octobre 2011

Tiësto at Carson



tracklist here


upload live Tiësto Home depot center here


photo fans Tiësto here

Tiësto concludes explosive college tour, clic here

10 videos Tiësto home dépot 2h30, clic here (thank Nartnoside)



Video 8 minutes final show !


Tiësto à donc rempli le stade de 26000 personnes,

de 20h30 à 23 heures certains ont eut du mal

avec les "juste" 2h30 de show (Tiësto)

mais faut dire qu'il y avait Diplo, dada Life et

Porter Robinson


Le concert à été comparé par l'indentique d'Eurodisney.


Durant le single de tegan & sarah, un groupe de fille à ténté en vin

d'accéder à la scéne avec un gros brouillard de fumé comme complice

mais les vigilles on mis fin a cette tentative !


Tiësto à expimé c'est quelques mots:


"Bonjour à Los Angeles, aujourd'hui est un jour très spécial.

Vous et moi faisons partie de l'histoire maintenant.

C'est le jour que nous allons tous nous rappeler que la Dance music

est plus grand que toute les autres chose dans le monde,

je vous remercie pour ça! Donc nous allons célébrer et faire la fête! "


L'article de la journaliste fini ainsi:

Comme l'a prouvé samedi, il ya une raison à ce que Tiësto

soit  l'un des meilleurs DJ au monde.


English article:


The Home Depot Center in Carson was massacred by 26,000 colorful

and exuberant people, all who came to dance their asses off to the legendary

Tiesto. Known for his entrancing light shows and remix's that are more

popular than the originals, he gave what the Home Depot Center needed,

LIFE!  Saturday's performance for some started when Dada Life walked

on stage, for others it's when Tiesto spun the tracks. Starting at 8:30,

Tiesto ended his set at 11, which disappointed some, but then again this wasn't a rave.


I say the 2 and- a- half hours was just enough to let loose, to be one

with the music and go absolutely bananas. It all started with William

Naraine's "If I Could Fall," and Tinie Tempah's "Pass Out." One of Tiesto's

most famous remix started a roar of cheers from the crowd "Silence" by Sarah McLachlan .  
His performance was like being at Disneyland. Pyrotechnics and fog

machines theatrics set a whole new standard for techno artists. Oasis's

"Wonderwall" remix was sung by just about everybody and through

every song the excitement and energy gained intensity and grew contagious.


During Tegan and Sara's "Feel it in my Bones" remix, the fog had

sealed the whole stage under a cloud, at which point a couple of

clever girls decided to hop the barricades. But their plan was soon

foiled by the security guards who weren't completely blinded by the

fog as they thought. Even while being escorted out of the area they

danced and sang with just as much enthusiasm as before. 

"Dr. Gonzo" peaked as pink and green firecrackers illuminated

the night sky. Tiesto rocked out many times with a curtain of

pyrotechnics falling behind him. The head-bobbing DJ took the

time to speak to the crowd towards the end of the night. 

"Hello Los Angeles, today is a very special day. You and me are

part of history now. This is the day that we'll all remember that dance

music is bigger than anything else in the world, I thank you

for that! So let's celebrate and party!"  

And party we did. White streamers sprayed out to Eurythmics's

"Sweet Dreams," and the classic Robin S song, "You Got To Show Me Love."

Confetti showered the audience while fireworks and

pyrotechnics moved the night to its ending. 

Tiesto say one last good-bye to the enamored fans,

"This is the last track and we have the world so we

have to go maxima crazy!"

He left the audience hanging at the very peak of The Pretty Reckless's

  song "Everybody Wants Something From Me." Leaving the

drop of the bass to our imaginations. 

The crowd was still electrified for a long time after Tiesto left the stage,

and the static of the performance followed everyone home.

As proved on Saturday, there’s a reason why he's one of the top DJs in the world.


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