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Tiësto's new album for summer 2022 | postponed to September or October

Publié le 20 Mai 2022 par - Tiëstolive in Tiësto articles

Tiësto's new album for summer 2022


Tiësto's new album for

summer 2022


News ( may 14, 2022) Album for september or october ...


“Yeah. I’m working on one at the moment,” he said. “This one is going to take a little bit longer because of the success of my other tracks – the record label wants them to have a little more juice.”

“I think the new album should be finished by February and then come out in the summer,” he added.

“I feel like that’s how albums are gonna be from now on: they’ll be a vibe and not necessarily just like 10 songs put together. It’ll be more like: ‘Yeah, this is where I’m at, my headspace. and really try to close it out within three months from start to finish.”

Elsewhere during the chat, Tiësto revealed that he and Avicii made two tracks together before the Swedish DJ and producer’s death in 2018.

“We made a track together years ago and we wanted to release it. Actually, I have two tracks with him. We never really finished both of them,” he said. “After he passed away. I didn’t know if he would have wanted them to be released; so I decided not to.”

He concluded: “I’m not sure if they’ll ever see the light of day.”

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