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Tiësto live Q&A - 25 february 2014 | responses by Tiësto here

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Tiësto live Q&A - 25 february 2014 | responses by Tiësto here

Tiësto live Q&A - 25 february 2014


I'll be on Twitter tomorrow for a Q&A starting at 3pm EST / 8pm GMT!

Make sure to follow me and tweet your questions with #RedLights. See you then


Tiësto en live Question Réponse sur Twitter à partir de 21h en France

Votre tweet doit obtenir le #RedLights


Live Q&A 1 hour 3pm EST - 4pm EST

8pm GMT - 9pm GMT


Tiësto @tiesto   Hello !!!


Always!! RT @bradleyhowe42: @tiesto have you ever ran any #RedLights ?


Logic and ableton RT : Hey !

What program do you use to produce??


I only look forward! RT : When are we

going to hear you play a classic tiesto set just like the old days ???


I used to RT : Hey Have you ever use Cubase to

produce Music? I see your name in the page of Steinberg


Maybe next year,not yet RT : Do you have in mind an

over world tour with the new album ? ...


Been there done it! I love what I play now! RT :

Why you don't' return to trance?Your music was magic!!!


Yes! Many! RT : do you still have

dreams which you want to make true?


Iron Maiden!! RT : Hey tiesto !!! What music

listened to in your teens? x17


It stands for pushing boundaries RT :

how did you think of the name 'red lights'?


Many and I loved Argentina last weekend! RT :

what has been your most memorable set as a DJ so far?


@diplo RT : since

you like fashion who is the best dressed DJ out of your peers ..


Love them! RT :

How do you feel about you're Gay fans, DJs tend to shy away from answering that question


Its inspiring and makes me feel natural high RT :

how do you function with barely any sleep? 😜


I love playing music for people RT :

What inspired you to become a Dj? :)


Not every song I make or collab on is good enough to release

That's why some tracks never get released


@MatthewKoma RT : who has

been your favourite artist to work with?


One of the best decisions I have made RT :

How does your residency in Las Vegas compare to that of Ibiza?


Hopefully June! RT : Are you planning

a next album? ;)


Never say never RT : Will you ever make

that trance album you were talking about??


Adagio RT : which is your favourite

classic track ? ❤️🚨🔴


Maybe but nothing planned yet RT :

any colaboration with in the future?


Yes!! Not all of them cause I get too many RT :

do you ever open your snapchats? Haha


Work in progress RT : What happened

with "colors", your song with ?


I never do RT : do you randomly listen to

your old classic tracks?


EDM countries RT :

Whish country has the best crowd? ;)


I don't i have learned from them RT :

do u ever regret the mistakes u have done in the past?


That's never an option RT :

have you ever decided to just give up sometimes?


Btw my phone can't handle all your tweets!!


Excited !!RT : How do

you feel before a concert? nervous?


I feel almost sorry for them RT :

how do you handle all the haters?


They should move on and leave me alone RT : How do you feel about people always nagging for more trance?


My whole life is RT : RT

Which has been your greatest experience?


Yes! I willRT : Have you

thought of a doing an up close & personal tour & perform in only small clubs?


I try!! RT : Do you feel you're

improving with every track you release?


@OliverHeldens Gecko RT :

what's the biggest song that was signed by your label ?


Yes RT : do you actually read all these tweets??



@lellotrance RT : what's the

craziest thing a fan has done for you!?


Yes why not RT : Will you make a mix with

martin garrix one day ? :)


I love how dedicated my fans are


I apologize for all the questions I can't answer...

too many tweets!!


I also apologize to all the fanclubs around the world...

I don't have enough time to answer you but I do love your support


Thank you!! That was fun!!



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